WP2 final report

Reporting period: 03/07/2017 – 30/06/2019 1. INFORMATION ON THE ACTION Grant Agreement Nº INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2016/1352262 Action number 2016-EU-TMC-0075-S Action title eGAFOR Author of the report Name Stjepko Jančijev Position Project Manager, WP2 leader Entity CCL Telephone Nº + 385 1 6259 360; mob +385 99 624 95 77 E-mail stjepko.jancijev@crocontrol.hr 2. INFORMATION ON THE PROGRESS OF […]

Definition of technical requirements

Partners have discussed Technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display on F2F meetings in Zagreb, Bucharest and Budapest. Based on that input, “Defined technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display” document was made. On industrial partner’s request, another document, “The eGAFOR story” was made as well. In […]

Definition of route network

Preface Prior to the eGAFOR project only Croatia and Slovenia had defined GAFOR route networks. These routes were harmonized and mutual routes were connected at cross-border points. The partners have agreed upon the following procedure when defining the eGAFOR route network: METSP partners from neighboring countries define mutually agreed cross-border points. METSP partners are responsible […]

Definition of eGAFOR issuing protocols

Time properties of eGAFOR issuing protocol The partners have agreed on the following time properties of the eGAFOR issuing protocol: The validity of the eGAFOR product will be 6 hours. It is defined as the “Validity time” (VT). Each of the 6-hour eGAFOR products will be divided into three 2-hour time intervals. The eGAFOR product […]

Definition of MET elements in eGAFOR

Based on user surveys conducted in all countries of the Project in December 2017 and January 2018 and expert discussions at several meetings, the partners have agreed that following meteorological phenomena (MET elements) shall be forecast in eGAFOR: MET element Acronym Explanation BKN/OVC clouds CLD Cloudiness coverage more than 4/8 Visibility VIS Horizontal visibility on […]