eGAFOR Promotional leaflet

You can download the leaflet here

Updated WP2 reports

Based on results of the Belgrade WP4 meeting held on 16/10/2019, following WP2 reports have been updated and approved by all partners on the Bratislava F2F meeting held on 27/02/2020: 20181231_eGAFOR_Report on defined MET elements which will be forecasted in eGAFOR 1.1 20190613_eGAFOR_Report on defined forecasting criteria for individual MET elements 1.2 20181231_eGAFOR_Report on defined […]

WP2 final report

Reporting period: 03/07/2017 – 30/06/2019 1. INFORMATION ON THE ACTION Grant Agreement Nº INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2016/1352262 Action number 2016-EU-TMC-0075-S Action title eGAFOR Author of the report Name Stjepko Jančijev Position Project Manager, WP2 leader Entity CCL Telephone Nº + 385 1 6259 360; mob +385 99 624 95 77 E-mail 2. INFORMATION ON THE PROGRESS OF […]

Definition of technical requirements

Partners have discussed Technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display on F2F meetings in Zagreb, Bucharest and Budapest. Based on that input, “Defined technical requirements for a web interface and eGAFOR output user display” document was made. On industrial partner’s request, another document, “The eGAFOR story” was made as well. In […]

Definition of route network

Preface Prior to the eGAFOR project only Croatia and Slovenia had defined GAFOR route networks. These routes were harmonized and mutual routes were connected at cross-border points. The partners have agreed upon the following procedure when defining the eGAFOR route network: METSP partners from neighboring countries define mutually agreed cross-border points. METSP partners are responsible […]