The Project duration is extended until 30.6.2021.

Due to unforeseen circumstances arisen from COVID-19 pandemic, the project duration is extended until 30/06/2021. The main ground for the extension is the partners’ inability to organize a Joint Level Workshop (JLW) for forecasters in person. The main results of the project will be: Tested and validated eGAFOR prototype (software for creating eGAFOR forecast and […]

eGAFOR Tutorial

Here you can find eGAFOR video tutorial.

eGAFOR Promo Video

You can see eGAFOR promotional video here

eGAFOR Promotional leaflet

You can download the leaflet here

Updated WP2 reports

Based on results of the Belgrade WP4 meeting held on 16/10/2019, following WP2 reports have been updated and approved by all partners on the Bratislava F2F meeting held on 27/02/2020: 20181231_eGAFOR_Report on defined MET elements which will be forecasted in eGAFOR 1.1 20190613_eGAFOR_Report on defined forecasting criteria for individual MET elements 1.2 20181231_eGAFOR_Report on defined […]